Alejandro E. Fuenmayor

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Born in Caracas, Venezuela.

Alex attended the Colegio Santiago de Leon de Caracas for his formative high-school years, class of ‘95. A good student and member of the Basketball team, he shared the CSLC team victories during the regional championships for his sophomore and senior years.

Son of Ramon E. Fuenmayor, MD. and Monica Cornejo,MD. Alex, as his friends call him, quickly decided to continue his studies at the prestigious Universidad Simon Bolivar to pursue a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. During his sophomore year, Alex discovered his passion for Film, and with the help of mentor Harvey M. Good, MD. he transfered his studies to the USA.

Alex obtained rapid success in various film festivals as a Palm Beach Community college student with projects such as “The Elevator” and “Intersection” both films directed by partner and friend  R. Michael McWhorter helping to further solidify his dream of a career in arts as a Cinematographer.