Steadicam Operator

MKV AR Omega – Arri Trinity- LETUS Helix Pro

Equipment List

2x Master Series Elite Sleds 12v/24v power. HD SDI compatible.

1x Master Series Arm 65lb max

1x 3A Arm 40lbs max.

1x Letus Helix Pro 1 axis Stabilizer. Capable of doing 360 rolls, Perfect leveled Horizon, power and video passthrough (no cables to get tangled when doing 360 rotations) Highmode to Lowmode without rebalance. iOS app Director/DP control of 360 Rolls and program moves. Operator Joystick Control of 360 Rolls.

2x Letus Helix Pro quick release mounting plate kit. Switching from Steadicam to handheld or tripod or dolly is very fast. just add a battery to the Helix Pro, mount an operator monitor or EVF and you are ready. No need to rebuild the camera once is inside the Helix Pro.

1xKenyon Gyro KS6 kit

Several wireless follow focus and wireless video kits available.