Morat, Juanes – Besos En Guerra – Steadicam by Alejandro E. Fuenmayor

Steadicam work on Morat, Juanes – “Besos En Guerra” Music Video in Miami

It was Great to team up again with director Lui from @luivilleandcompany and Cinematographer Lucho on this video. We had none other than El Maestro @JUANES as a featured artist on MORAT’s new track “Besos En Guerra”. Honestly, when I got the call and heard Juanes was involve, I was in! not realizing the job called for a Movi or Ronin operator in Miami. I don’t like those gymbals, I simply don’t like the feel of them and preferred to bid for the job with a classic MASTER SERIES STEADICAM and a Letus Helix Jr (w/ encoded motors) in combination with a CineGears Wireless Follow focus.  Flying a Red Epic W 8K is not particular challenging but when the idea of using Cooke S4 was floating around, I became confident the job will go to a Steadicam operator and not a kid with a Gymbal.

Our shooting day turned into a rainy windy day just a few hrs into the job. without a Beltz Wave or an AR or Trinity or even a Gyro, operating in Miami’s wind is debilitating. Fortunately, I had Gaffer Rafa Puentes and his crew holding 4×4 nets around me to at least give me a fighting chance. 1 AC Max did an outstanding job as usual.

We also had a CamTram Dolly/Slider that Cinematographer Lucho and Director Lui became fond of during the bands wide shots.  all in all, I enjoyed sweating through a few shirts and watching this guys perform and sign their hearts out.

Music video steadicam operator in miami
@Juanes @luievilleandcompany @4artistsbyartists
Steadicam operator in miami
@Juanes @morat @luievilleandcompany @4artistsbyartists

When you see the video, also appreciate the fantastic Cinematography that the Spaniard crew did. for the story scenes on the video.

Steadicam operator in miami
@juanes @morat @luievilleandcompany @4artistsbyartists





“Besos en Guerra” ya disponible aquí: Sigue a Morat en: Página web: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube:

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