Red Epic W 8K Music Video

Gabriel Coronel “Chao Pescao” . New collaboration with Music Video Director @luievilleandcompany And Director of Photography @luchoinnova. Featuring model @aleskagenesis

This is a special one, I had the chance to do Steadicam for about 80% of the video.  The remaining 20%  was done on a modified CamTram slider.

Using a classic Tiffen Master Series Steadicam. My 1st AC and friend Ryan Dee did a great job pulling focus with a single channel cinegears wireless follow focus.

Director of Photography Lucho lensed this video on a Red Epic W 8K with Zeiss Loxia Primes.

I also had a chance to play Gaffer on this one. Using a combination of Lowell 1K DP lights and Mole Richardson fresnell units for the bedroom scenes in combination with several LED T6 daylight tubes both as main source and practicals. A 1.2K Arri PAR HMI played as side key during the Bar performance. Small hand held 300 LED panels were used during the hallway scenes.

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