Music Video Production in Miami with Red Epic Dragon 6K

Not all music videos shot on Red Epic Dragon 6k need to have ridiculous budgets.

Music Video Behind The Scene -Regulaz 0Mr Microphone
Director of Photography Alejandro Fuenmayor – Red Epic Dragon 6K

Cinematographer Alejandro E. Fuenmayor brings classic visuals to Regulaz – Mr.Microphone Music Video. Produced by the team at Midtown Studios and completly shot in Miami.

Music Video Company in Miami -New York - Los Angeles
Alejandro E. Fuenmayor Director of Photography

if you are an Independent Artists and are told by “REGULAR” production companies you need to spends thousands of dollars to have a professional music video done, that is true! there is a direct connection between your budget and what production can show on the screen. This is why is most important to have a creative professional team looking out for you and your budget dollars. Be smart and invest your time finding the right Music Video Production team. Start by looking for an experienced Director of Photography and Music Video director team. 

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